Do you have any tips on how to survive the new school year with this pandemic?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Trying to survive this pandemic has been quite difficult for many. Some people have lost their lives, families, friends, loved ones, homes, apartment you name it, it's been possible to lose. Many people have lost their jobs. It has especially been hard for parents to educate their children, especially parents with children who have special needs. However, its ironic that now many parents understand what some teachers were trying to say about their children. Teachers, along with nurses, doctors, fire men, police, and restaurants workers should be commended all the time for being heroes. Teachers are also risking their lives and endangering the lives of their immediate families daily; yet they are not commended on like all of the others above. Parents please remember that the difficulties you are currently struggling with now, with your child/ren, the struggles were felt by teachers 190 days of the year.

Please remember to take time for yourself daily after teaching your child. This will lessen the stress, or feeling of being overwhelmed. Please post how you have been handling teaching your child and still trying to work full-time, either from home or leaving the home?

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